Longreach is situated 700 kilometres west of Rockhampton and a population of approximately 4,300 people is spread across an area of 40,638 square kilometres. The town of Longreach serves as the administrative centre for the Region and is well-known as the home of the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame museum.

The Challenge

Council was finding it difficult to efficiently meet the information needs of its remote community. A number of people in the community, including the elected representatives, were experiencing issues and long delays, and inevitably becoming very frustrated, when trying to access large documents or files via email.

The Solution

Longreach chose to implement the MAGIQ Documents Publishing Portal; providing its community with secure and convenient access to Council documents via the web.

The Benefit

Councilors, Committee Members and other members of the public can now easily access and download documents such as Council reports, meeting agendas and minutes to deliver more efficient collaboration. MAGIQ Documents also helps Council to effectively control its business risk by ensuring all documents are managed in real time, in a single place, providing complete confidence that everyone is accessing the current version of a document.

Kate Wright, Records Officer:

All of our documents are stored and maintained centrally in MAGIQ Documents and any changes made are instantly available in real-time. That gives everyone complete confidence that they are always accessing the latest version of a document.

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