The City of Whittlesea is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Australia, with the current population of 194,000 residents forecasted to grow to more than 333,000 over the next 20 years.  The City is also one of the largest municipalities in metropolitan Melbourne, covering an area of approximately 489 square kilometers.

The Challenge

A number of disparate, manual reporting processes had been implemented across the organisation. The ability of managers to confidently access accurate, up to date business data had become increasingly complex and time consuming.

The Solution

MAGIQ Performance was implemented across the City of Whittlesea’s core business system, the Civica Authority application, to provide a single, unified reporting environment. Council also replaced a number of spreadsheet-based, departmental reporting processes with MAGIQ Performance, which is now reporting across more than 40 financial, operational and regulatory datasets.

The Benefit

By ensuring the quality and accuracy of business data, management have been empowered to make highly informed decisions, which improves overall business efficiency, as well as reducing business risk. MAGIQ  has also enabled Council to achieve significant time-savings and cost efficiencies.

Emily Phillips, Strategy and Systems Accountant:

With MAGIQ implemented across the entire organisation, we can be very confident that we are basing our business decisions on a single, accurate source of the truth.

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