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MAGIQ Software’s Cloud ERP offers the simplicity of a single, easy to use enterprise-wide system. Reducing complexity and delivering greater business value. Each product suite may also be deployed individually, providing organisations with flexibility and choice

MAGIQ Cloud Public Sector Platform

Anytime, Anywhere and on any Device

Easily mobilise your workforce by allowing them to access information and business systems on the go with MAGIQ Software. And with your data delivered in the cloud, information is always available and up-to-date.

MAGIQ Software Cloud ERP

Hurunui District Council Go Live with MAGIQ
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Lower Eyre Council select MAGIQ Cloud ERP

Alpine Resorts Select MAGIQ Performance


MAGIQ Software
MAGIQ Software Provides Office 365 SSO

Single sign-on allows MAGIQ applications to be accessed via the standard Office 365 account simplifying authorisations.

MAGIQ Software Experiences Radpid Growth in South Australia
MAGIQ Software: Growth in SA

We are elated to see our public sector customer base expand across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

Seamless Integration with MAGIQ Software
Seamless Integration with MAGIQ Software

We provide a unified integration across your systems, promoting operational efficiency and immediate insight.

What is a cloud ERP
Increase in Demand for MAGIQ Cloud ERP

The MAGIQ Cloud ERP is secure, affordable, fast to deploy and allows secure access for users at any time.

MAGIQ Cloud Reduces Cybersecurity Risks and Costs
MAGIQ Cloud Reduces Cybersecurity Risk

The MAGIQ Cloud uses AWS Cloud SaaS technology to provide our customers with substantial cybersecurity protection.

Alpine Resorts Victoria Select MAGIQ Performance Cloud
Alpine Resorts Select MAGIQ Performance

MAGIQ Performance Cloud is a comprehensive solution that simplifies data collection, analysis, and reporting,

St John Ambulance Selects MAGIQ

With MAGIQ Performance, St John Ambulance will eliminate complex, manual spreadsheets and improve accuracy.

New MAGIQ Software Support Team Member
New MAGIQ Support Team Member

MAGIQ Software welcomes Rebecca Brooking, who will join the growing MAGIQ Support Team in Napier, New Zealand.

Hurunui District Council Go Live with MAGIQ Software's MAGIQ Cloud ERP
Hurunui Go Live with the MAGIQ Cloud ERP

Hurunui District Council is live with the MAGIQ Cloud ERP, which has become increasingly popular among LG organisations.

NAWMA Selects MAGIQ Performance Cloud
NAWMA Choose MAGIQ Performance Cloud

With MAGIQ Performance, the authority will eliminate the complexities of manual spreadsheets.

Berrigan Shire Council Extends MAGIQ Software Footprint
Berrigan Shire Extends MAGIQ Footprint

Berrigan Shire has strengthened its suite of MAGIQ Software applications with MAGIQ Performance Cloud.

Lower Eyre Council Select MAGIQ Cloud ERP
Lower Eyre Select MAGIQ Cloud ERP

Lower Eyre Council in South Australia has chosen the MAGIQ Cloud ERP as its Enterprise Resource Planning platform.


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