MAGIQ Reporting
Enjoy the simplicity of a single financial and operational reporting and analytics platform across all of your business systems.
Business Insights you can Trust
Business Insights You Can Trust

Eliminate risk and complexity with a single enterprise-wide reporting platform.

A single powerful reporting platform across the entire organisation effectively breaks down business silos and avoids the chaos and complexity of multiple data and reporting sources.
The Full Picture

Report across your financial, regulatory and operational data to fully understand organisational performance.

Improve business agility and respond quickly to changing organisational reporting needs with the ability to easily connect and report across any business system and any data source.
The Full Picture

'Out of the Box'

Save time by leveraging pre-built financial and operational reports and dashboards.

Sophisticated automation delivers highly professional and attractive reporting outputs suitable for all levels of user requirements. From simple daily KPI alerts; to complex financial dashboards; to professionally published business reports.


Easily share up to the minute business information to key stakeholders hourly, weekly or monthly, or at whatever frequency you decide.

Create a powerful self-service reporting environment using API Integrations, Alerts and Scheduling capabilities; improving accessibility and saving the finance team significant time.

Deliver Meaningful Information

Bring your business data to life with easily understood, visually engaging dashboards - available anytime, on any device.

Consolidate transactional data into highly relevant and consumable information with full drill-down to support pro-active and informed decision-making.