MAGIQ Performance Management
A single automated framework to develop and manage complex organisational budgets and financial and strategic plans.
Automated Framework
Automated Framework

Automate time-consuming manual processes to reduce errors and create time for higher value analysis.

Significantly reduce manual effort and improve your Budgeting, Financial Statements and Financial Planning cycles. Eliminate complex, manual spreadsheets and improve accuracy with a single automated and centralised system.
Transactional Drill-Down

Complete data-driven analysis with powerful drill-down to the transaction level.

Deep integration with your finance and business systems and easy drill-down right down to the individual transaction level delivers rich insights and understanding of your budgetary data.
Transactional Drill Down


Unlock your data and build a collaborative and transparent budgeting and planning process.

Managers across your organisation can confidently review and input their budgetary data with full commentary, eliminating time-consuming duplication of data entry. Empowering managers to participate and fully understand the impact of their business decisions within a financial context improves transparency and accountability.


Easily model business outcomes to quickly analyse variances and proactively manage change.

Easily construct and generate multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios for expenditure, capital and revenue in a matter of minutes and view in real-time the impact on your Budgets, Forecasts, Financial Statements and Plans.

Centralised Rules & Assumptions

Centrally apply your business rules and assumptions to improve data integrity.

Enjoy the flexibility of being able to centrally manage and apply all of your business rules and assumptions. Any changes then need to be applied once only; and will be accurately reflected throughout your entire budgeting and planning environment - saving time and significantly improving data integrity.


Capital Budgeting

Financial Budgeting

Financial Statements

Labour Budgeting

Long Term Planning

Project Budgeting


Strategic Planning

“We are effectively achieving a 50% timesaving using MAGIQ, while still maintaining the right levels of control and governance."
Finance Manager, Xavier College