Public Sector Software Expertise and Innovation

Every industry has a very specific set of business and legislative needs. The MAGIQ Cloud Platform is designed to grow and evolve to deliver innovative, functionally rich software applications to meet the unique business needs of your industry.
Local Government Market

Local Government

The MAGIQ Cloud ERP is designed to help Local Authorities optimise business efficiency and ensure community service requirements are met.
With MAGIQ you will enjoy greater transparency and the ability to effectively manage your resources and workforce to achieve your strategic outcomes.
Health and Community Services Market

Health & Community Services

MAGIQ Software enables Health and Community Services organisations to adapt quickly to business and legislative changes. MAGIQ supports greater financial and operational accountability with transparent budgetary and reporting processes creating an informed environment to guide your decisions.
Not for Profit Market

Not for Profit

The MAGIQ Cloud Platform is designed to provide Not for Profit organisations with the simplicity and reduced cost of ownership of a single system.
With MAGIQ delivering the business information you need to efficiently manage your limited resources, more time is available to focus on your important mission.


The MAGIQ Cloud Platform is designed to help State and Central Government organisations optimise business efficiency and ensure full compliance with governance requirements. MAGIQ supports informed organisational decision-making to drive greater financial and operational transparency and accountability.
Utilities Market


The MAGIQ Cloud Platform provides public utility organisations with a single system to efficiently meet financial and billing requirements. MAGIQ provides highly flexible billing and financial management capabilities for the efficient management of assets and resources to support your business and regulatory requirements.
Education Market


The MAGIQ Cloud Platform enables private and public primary, secondary and tertiary educational organisations to meet strict fiscal management and cash flow requirements with a single system. Greater transparency of financial and operational data achieves improved business decision-making across all of your departmental areas.