A single public administration software platform to meet all of your organisation’s finance and administration needs

MAGIQ Software’s MAGIQ Cloud ERP offers the simplicity of a single, easy to use enterprise-wide system. Reducing complexity and delivering greater business value. Each product suite may also be deployed individually, providing organisations with flexibility and choice

MAGIQ Cloud Public Sector Platform
A Suite of Accounting, Banking,
Billing and Procurement software
designed to meet financial and
statutory compliance
requirements within a simple,
easy to use financial framework.
A Suite of Payroll and Human
Resources software designed to
meet the diverse and complex
payroll and workforce
management needs of ANZ
Public Sector service agencies.
Reporting and Analytics
software delivered across
your business systems to provide
a single accurate view of your
information and support agile business decision-making.
A Suite of Budgeting, Financial
Planning and Strategic Planning
software providing the capability
to develop and manage complex
organisational budgets and
financial plans.
Property and Regulatory
Management software designed to
efficiently meet the operational, governance and regulatory needs of
Australian and New Zealand Local Authorities.
A Suite of Service Management
software designed to
manage internal and external
requests and support a high level
of responsiveness to improve
service delivery timeframes.
A Suite of Online Community
Service and Engagement software
designed to digitise paper
processes and deliver improved
service delivery timeframes to
your Community.
A Suite of Document
Management software designed
to eliminate fileshare
environments and meet governance
and statutory requirements
within an easy to use environment.
A Suite of Mobile Apps driving
workforce mobility and enabling
access to organisational systems
anytime, anywhere and on any
device with real-time access and


Improve efficiency with consistent business processes and workflows

Positive Take-up

Improve staff take-up and utilisation with a single easy to use and learn interface


Reduce organisational systems complexity to manage risk and deliver greater value

Stay Connected

Access to your business systems and information anytime and on any device
MAGIQ Cloud Image Mobile

The MAGIQ Cloud Advantage

At MAGIQ Software, we believe working in the Cloud just makes life easier and a lot more enjoyable.

The Cloud enables constant innovation, which means we can quickly deploy new product features and improvements to provide our customers with a brilliant – let’s call it ‘MAGIQAL’ user experience.

Customers also enjoy the complete peace of mind that comes with a secure, world-class computing infrastructure platform and full data sovereignty compliance.

Reduce Cost
Reduce the capital expenditure and resourcing costs of managing on-premise infrastructure
Anytime, Anywhere
Improve business agility by enabling staff to access business systems from any location, at any time
Reduce Complexity
Empower staff with intuitive, familiar technology that is simple to learn and enjoyable to use
Reduce Risk
Seamless delivery of disaster recovery with high availability, world-class infrastructure and full redundancy
Stay up to Date
Automated upgrades ensure the organisation has seamless access to the latest software with minimal disruption
Protect your business systems and data with enhanced security layers and multi-step 2-factor authentication
Focus organisational effort on higher-value strategic initiatives to drive improved performance and productivity
Scale with Ease
Easily and quickly scale computing requirements to deliver optimum system performance