MAGIQ Software Consulting

Optimise your investment in MAGIQ

We want you to achieve great value from MAGIQ. Our consulting and education services are under-pinned by deep product and industry expertise to make sure you enjoy using MAGIQ and achieve your organisational goals.

Industry Expertise

Industry specialists who understand your business.

We leverage our many years of experience and understanding of the markets we work in to make sure MAGIQ always meets your specific industry requirements.

Flexible Services

Consulting services to best meet your needs.

We provide the level and type of services you need; when and where you need them. Simply choose the services that best meet your business needs and we will deliver on-site or virtually.

Training Programmes

Give your staff the knowledge and skills they need to make their jobs easier.

Different training models suit different organisations and teams. We will design a training programme that works best for your team so that everyone is using MAGIQ confidently and productively.

Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge

Product specialists with deep knowledge and skill.

Our product specialists apply their deep MAGIQ systems knowledge to effectively achieve your business process needs.

Consulting Services
“I couldn't be happier with the level of ‘go-live’ support provided by the MAGIQ Consulting team."
Company Accountant, Scanpower