MAGIQ Budgeting
A powerful and flexible framework to manage complex financial, labour, project and capital budgeting and forecasting
Best Practice

Fully automated capabilities support best practice processes.

Activity-based budgeting, rolling forecasts and ‘bottom up’ or ‘top down’ budgeting with the ability to analyse all financial and non-financial data - prior year actual, forecast, and budget data at summary and detailed levels.
Build Accountability

Empower budget owners to deliver an accurate and thorough budget.

Build a collaborative, flexible budgeting and planning process. Empower managers to participate and understand the impact of their business decisions within a financial context for improved transparency and accountability.
Build Accountability
Save Time

Save Time

Eliminate manual spreadsheet processes and focus on higher value tasks

Automating the entry and delivery of budgetary data means more time spent focusing on higher value strategic tasks and the ability to provide non-financial staff with the information they need to support high-quality decision-making.

Financial Statements

Streamline the generation of cash flow and financial statements to provide an accurate, real-time view of your organisation’s financial position.

Integration to your finance system ensures financial statements always reflect the current business position. Easy manipulation of account hierarchies allows accurate and quick scenario driven analysis.

Annual and Long Term Plans

Annual and Long-Term Plans

Take advantage of powerful, automated capabilities to efficiently deliver your Annual and Long-Term Plans.

Automated refresh capabilities deliver instant updating of all data from transaction right through to the Plan document. Clearly defined funding streams and funding flow provide easy reconciliation of funding sources and activity accounts across your Plans.


Capital Budgeting

Financial Budgeting

Financial Statements

Labour Budgeting

Long Term Planning

Project Budgeting

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