Dental Health Services Victoria was established in 1996 and is the leading public oral health agency in Victoria. In 2011 Dental Health Services Victoria provided dental health services to more than 349,000 patients.  Dental Health Services Victoria is funded by the State Government to provide dental and oral health services to people all around Victoria and employs approximately 660 staff.

The Challenge

Dental Health Services Victoria needed to be able to capture and report on both Financial and non-financial information across the organisation. The ability to access accurate and timely data around labour costs and consumables had been recognised as critical to ensuring effective and informed decision-making.

The Solution

Dental Health Services (DHSV) chose to implement the MAGIQ Performance  suite across its financial, payroll, labour, consumables and clinical data.

The Benefit

MAGIQ Performance has provided Dental Health Services Victoria with a more transparent and flexible planning and budgeting process. Managers are able to better understand the financial implications of the workforce mix within their business area, which in turn allows them to plan and budget their resources more effectively. MAGIQ Performance has delivered timely and accurate access to both financial and non-financial business information.

Tim Hogan, Chief Financial Officer:

The provision of timely and accurate information is essential for informed decision-making. Using MAGIQ we are always very confident that the data we are relying on is current and accurate.

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