The Shire of Torres is the northernmost Queensland local authority, and is the only Australian local government which abuts an international border (Australia and Papua New Guinea). Torres Shire is a Shire literally on the sea. The main form of transport within the shire is by boat: commercial ferries, barge transport and private vessels.

The Challenge

Council was seeking to address a number of business challenges with the replacement of their business systems. Ease of use was a significant factor, as was the ability to access a suitable customer service and support model that would ensure effective transfer of knowledge to Council staff. Council was also seeking to introduce a system that would deliver much easier to use and more effective business reporting and analysis tools.

The Solution

Council implemented the fully integrated, web based MAGIQ Enterprise business system to manage all aspects of their business operations. Council has also implemented the MAGIQ Performance suite to meet their business and statutory reporting requirements.

The Benefit

Council completed their implementation in July 2014 and the chosen on-site customer service and support model is allowing Council to complete a thorough transfer of knowledge to support their investment in the new MAGIQ Enterprise system. Council is also achieving improved financial reporting outcomes with the MAGIQ Performance software.

Dalassa Yorkston, Chief Executive Officer:

Choosing a software solution that was appropriate for our size and scale of Council was absolutely critical. We have a small team here at Council and we need a system that will provide us with the functionality we require to run our business and is easy to learn and use.

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