MAGIQ Platform Integration

Web Services API

MAGIQ Finance, Council, Payroll and HR

MAGIQ offers RESTful APIs across its entire suite of Finance, Council, Payroll and HR suites.

MAGIQ Performance

MAGIQ Performance delivers a comprehensive API, which allows your reports and screens to be embedded and consumed within other web-based 3rd party applications.

MAGIQ Documents

MAGIQ Documents provides a comprehensive Web Services API which allows organisations to develop custom integration solutions.

Easily connect with your MAGIQ data

Experience fast, real time data transfers

Experience reliable, and more secure using the MAGIQ API Platform

Integrate your external applications and platforms

Industry-standard web services architecture

Reduce Data Double-Handling

Experience Increases in productivity and cost-efficiencies

Staff Intranets

SharePoint Portals

Public facing websites

Other web-based systems

Extend the reach of your business

Familiar look and feel

User Authentication

Document functions (e.g. create, check out, checkin, etc.)

Folder functions

Applying and Retrieving Meta to the Objects

Searching Documents and Folders