Community and social services provider UnitingCare Wesley Bowden in South Australia has selected MAGIQ Enterprise to meet its ERP system requirements including financial accounting and reporting.

UnitingCare Wesley Bowden (UCWB) is a Not for Profit community organisation providing aged care, disability, and child and family services.  The organisation has more than 250 staff across four sites within the Adelaide metropolitan area.

MAGIQ Enterprise is a Cloud ERP Platform of contemporary finance and administration software designed to meet all financial and legislative compliance requirements within a simple, easy to use Cloud environment.

In 2017 UCWB conducted an extensive business process review driven by the introduction of significant new legislation and reforms within the social services sector.  Following the review UCWB decided to undertake a full organisational systems replacement. UC WB completed an extensive tender evaluation process and selected MAGIQ Enterprise to meet its financial accounting and reporting requirements.

Jade Bird, Senior Financial Analyst, UCWB commented that MAGIQ Enterprise will deliver significant business efficiency improvements through greater automation, improved usability and access to rich reporting capabilities.

“Our current finance system requires us to spend a lot of time on manual, paper based systems.  MAGIQ Enterprise will enable us to spend less time on low value, transactional data tasks and more time on financial analysis, which delivers far greater value to the organisation,” said Jade.

As part of their evaluation process UCWB invited staff from across the organisation to attend demonstrations of the MAGIQ Enterprise system.  Ease of use and the ability for non-financial staff to be able to confidently use the new finance system were key selection criteria.

“UCWB is a relatively small organisation with limited resources and we believe ease of use and simplicity is key to business efficiency, as opposed to complexity.  MAGIQ Enterprise is very intuitive and visually appealing and the workflows and business processes are simple to follow,” said Jade.

As part of their implementation UCWB will be moving from manual spreadsheet based reporting to the rich reporting and budgeting capabilities of MAGIQ Enterprise. Jade believes this will lead to significant improvements in accountability and transparency and dramatically improve the quality of the information the organisation relies on for its decision-making.

“Using MAGIQ Enterprise we will be able to provide our managers with access to relevant financial information much faster and with greater confidence in the overall accuracy of the data,” she said.

UnitingCare Wesley Bowden commenced their implementation in January 2019.  MAGIQ Software’s innovative ‘Data First’ approach enables users to review and operate the new systems with current data,which is automatically synchronised from their legacy system, ensuring a smooth, low-risk implementation process.

“We believe MAGIQ Enterprise is the right product for our organisation and that MAGIQ Software is the right company for us to partner with,” said Jade.

“The team is very approachable and we are confident MAGIQ Enterprise will continue to meet our business requirements as we grow over the next 5 years.”