Electricity distributor Scanpower in New Zealand’s North Island is achieving significant business efficiency improvements with the implementation of the MAGIQ Finance and MAGIQ Payroll software applications.

Scanpower is a regional electricity distributor supplying power to 6,720 customers in the Tararua region, including Dannevirke, Woodville, Norsewood and the outlying rural areas.  The Company operates an electricity network covering a geographic area of 2,100km², with 875km of overhead and underground power lines.

The MAGIQ Finance Suite is part of the MAGIQ Platform of finance and administration software. MAGIQ Finance includes; accounting, project accounting and procurement software designed to meet all financial and statutory compliance requirements within a simple, easy to use web-based environment.  The MAGIQ Payroll Suite enables efficient administration of payroll processes to provide an accurate and consistent pay environment for the entire workforce and works seamlessly with MAGIQ Finance.

Scanpower initially implemented the MAGIQ Performance Suite of budgeting, reporting, and planning software
across its MYOB EXO Finance system.  Following the successful and positive take-up of MAGIQ Performance across the organisation, the decision was made to expand the investment in the MAGIQ Platform and the relationship with MAGIQ Software. This broadened investment has seen MAGIQ Finance and MAGIQ Payroll replace the MYOB EXO finance and payroll systems.

Integration Delivers Improved Efficiency

Ben van der Spuy, Company Accountant Scanpower says the fully integrated Suites within the MAGIQ Platform are saving considerable time and effort and delivering far greater accuracy and transparency of business information.

“Previously we had a number of disparate systems; for example our Fixed Assets and Project Costing systems were maintained separately to our Finance system.This meant a number of time-consuming, manual data processes had to be completed before we could finalise our reports and accounts.

At critical times, such as end of year when we’re working to strict timeframes, this was a major frustration and caused significant delays. We wasted a lot of time trying to reconcile and balance the numbers,” said Ben.

The MAGIQ Platform delivers full integration between these modules and our General Ledger, which means the data is updated automatically across all applications.  This saves us significant time and we have much more confidence in the overall accuracy of our data.”

Scanpower is using the MAGIQ Performance Suite to meet its budgeting, reporting and analytics requirements across the organisation, providing managers with easy access to the information they need to support decision-making.

“Using MAGIQ Performance we can easily access the data and deliver detailed reporting across all of our Finance and Payroll modules. Reports can be easily created, saved and then updated automatically as required – which is a much more efficient process, ” said Ben.

Ease of Use and High-Quality Support

Transitioning staff to the new MAGIQ Product Suites has been a very smooth and positive experience says Ben. Everyone from the Chief Executive down has fully embraced the change, which he attributes to the ease of use of the software and the contemporary, intuitive design.

“MAGIQ is very intuitive and user-friendly; the software design is logical and it’s really easy to follow. Being web-based, we can easily navigate between multiple modules within a single screen making it very simple and efficient to complete our business processes.”

Ben believes the level of support provided by the MAGIQ Consulting team and the ability to easily access help when it was needed also made the implementation a positive experience.

“I couldn’t be happier with the level of ‘go-live’ support provided by the MAGIQ Consulting team, it’s been awesome,” said Ben.

“Our Chief Executive can see the system implementation has been a positive process. He was very impressed that our first monthly reporting, invoicing and payroll processes were completed on schedule and with no issues using MAGIQ.”

In the future, Ben is looking forward to fully exploring the functionality of the MAGIQ Platform to deliver business efficiencies across the organisation.

“Implementing MAGIQ has meant we spend a lot less time battling with the numbers and we now have more time to spend on the higher-value, analytical processes.”

“We now have excellent access to data and we can see there is great potential to improve and expand our reporting to support the organisations’ decision-making, which is very exciting for us,” said Ben.