Otorohanga District Council has been a leading user of MAGIQ Software’s comprehensive suite of Local Government software products for over 25 years and is the first New Zealand Council Customer to upgrade their on-premise systems to the MAGIQ Cloud Platform.

The MAGIQ Cloud Platform is a native Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) public administration platform designed to meet financial and legislative requirements within a simple, easy to use Cloud environment. 

Moving to the Cloud

Otorohanga District Council is located in the Waikato Region of the North Island of New Zealand and is centrally placed, being within easy driving distance of Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo and New Plymouth. The town has a population of approximately 3000 and is a major service centre for the surrounding rural areas. The local economy is primarily based upon agriculture, with sheep, beef and dairy farming being the principle agricultural activities.

Otorohanga District Council’s Information Services Manager, Mike Wanden reflects that small Councils must use their limited resources as efficiently as possible. By adopting a Cloud strategy, the Council has been able to work smarter and faster and become more cost effective by running all of its business systems in the Cloud. 

“By moving to the Cloud, staff can access the software at any time. By way of example, our inspections team can update their data whilst out on the field and set documents and timesheets in real time. Plus, it has allowed us to reduce the capital expenditure outlays associated with managing on-premise infrastructure,” said Mike.

Unexpected Benefits

Moving to the Cloud has provided the Council with unexpected benefits, such as the recent ability to transition to a fully remote workforce.

“Whilst other Councils have faced enormous issues implementing a remote workforce during the recent pandemic, we were able to make a swift transition and have been able to continue to provide our services to Customers remotely.

Our continued investment in MAGIQ Software has reduced organisational risk and we feel safe in the knowledge that our business systems and data are secure and that we can provide a seamless delivery of service to our Customers,” he said.

The Transition Experience

Reflecting on the project to transition to the Cloud, Mike says it has been a very positive experience with an excellent level of implementation and go-live support provided by the MAGIQ Team.

“Being the first New Zealand Council to move to the Cloud we were expecting there to be issues, however any issues we had were resolved immediately and we worked proactively together as team and a partnership.

Thankfully staff were able to go about their business as usual and there were limited disruptions to our services.”


Otorohanga District Council has taken advantage of MAGIQ Software’s continuous investment in Research and Development, including the early transition of its Customers to the Cloud.

“The MAGIQ Cloud Platform is easy to support and upgrade. I am proud that Otorohanga District Council is a forward-thinking organisation – the Cloud is the future of work and MAGIQ Software continues to be the number one vendor of Local Government software.

The MAGIQ Cloud Platform offers an excellent fit with the Local Government market requirement. We are proud to continue our business partnership with MAGIQ Software.”

To upgrade to the MAGIQ Cloud Platform, find out more or book a demonstration, call our sales team on +64 6 835 9380 in New Zealand or +61 3 9468 9401 in Australia or send an email to sales@magiqsoftware.com.

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