Payday Filing is a new requirement introduced by New Zealand Inland Revenue and all New Zealand employers must be Payday Filing compliant from 1stApril  2019.

MAGIQ Software has worked closely with Inland Revenue (IR) over the past twelve months and the MAGIQ Payroll application is fully compliant and Payday Filing ready.

Payday Filing introduces a very significant change to payroll reporting, requiring employee payroll information to be provided to the IRD electronically every Payday, as opposed to the current monthly schedule.

MAGIQ Software has recognised that Payday Filing is a significant, business-critical system change and has undertaken a careful and considered approach to make the change as low-risk as possible for its Customers.

MAGIQ Software Chief Executive Colin Lillywhite commented: “We understand Payroll is a business-critical process. We’ve worked very closely with New Zealand IR and our Customers to try and ensure the upgrade path to Payday Filing had minimal impact on day-today operations.”

Following the completion of the required software modifications to MAGIQ Payroll, extensive testing was undertaken prior to the progressive roll-out of the software to Customers.

“The new Payday Filing functionality has been carefully implemented as a rolling process at Customer sites over the past six months.  By taking this approach Customers have been able to familiarise themselves with the new software prior to the 1stApril deadline,” said Colin.