With consideration of the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, we would like to provide you with an update on what MAGIQ Software is doing to ensure the safety of our staff and to limit potential impacts to our business operations.  

Remote Working Arrangements 

The Australian Government (Including Victorian State Government) along with the New Zealand Government has enacted lockdowns of non-essential services.

We are activating our business continuity measures and commencing flexible working arrangements for our staff.  

Effective today, our teams in Melbourne, Napier, Auckland, Christchurch and San Diego will be working remotely.  

MAGIQ Software staff have the ability to work remotely and video conference our Customers thanks to our investment in the Zoom Cloud Video and Phone Platform. Our Consulting Services can be deployed remotely as can our Support Helpdesk allowing us to remain highly connected with our Customers.

Whilst we cannot accurately predict the impact Coronavirus will have on our employees, we are confident that we have the people, technology and processes in place to continue to provide a high level of service and support.

Limiting Travel 

In conjunction with  Government  recommendations, we have made the decision to cease all travel to assist in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and minimise potential exposure to staff and customers.  

As a large proportion of our customers are in regional and remote locations, we feel that it is only appropriate to limit travel to such areas. 

Engaging with the Support Helpdesk 

You can continue to contact our Support Helpdesk via phone or email.

We request that the phone hotline be used for more urgent matters and that all non-urgent matters be emailed to support@magiqsoftware.com

To assist us in managing your non-support enquiries during this period, we ask that any matters that are not business critical, yet require a form of escalation, are made via your Account Manager.

Thank you for your Support

The health and safety of our staff, families and our clients is our highest priority.

MAGIQ Software is well positioned and prepared to continue supporting you through this challenging time.  We have taken the available information into consideration and feel our plans are well thought out. We will certainly do our best to navigate this situation.  Additional communication will come from us as the situation progresses.