MAGIQ Platform Integration

API for MAGIQ Finance, Council, Payroll and HR

MAGIQ Software offers RESTful APIs across its entire suite of Finance, Council, Payroll and HR applications, making it easy to to connect, extend or integrate with your MAGIQ data. Real-time data transfer to and from the MAGIQ platforms is faster, more reliable, and more secure using the MAGIQ API Platform.

Integrate your external applications and platforms using our industry-standard web services architecture reducing data double-handling and human whilst providing substantial increases in productivity and cost-efficiency.

Example: API Overview for Payroll

Swagger is used to document the RESTful web services across our Finance, Council, Payroll and HR suites.

The following is an overview of the API web services available for the Payroll application.

API For Reports

The Reporting module from MAGIQ Performance is embedded within the MAGIQ Finance, Council, Pay and Service Suites. This means the MAGIQ Performance APIs are available to retrieve data as well as embed specific screens (grids, charts and gauges) from the Finance, Council, Pay and Service Suites.

Click here for more information on the using the API for Reporting Data.

Documentation: Complete List of API Functions

For a complete list of API functions and documentation login to the MAGIQ Software Online Service Desk and follow this link: