Education Services provides financial management and reporting services to more than 700 schools on the North Island of New Zealand

The Solution

Education Services use MAGIQ Enterprise and MAGIQ Performance to effectively provide financial management and reporting services to multiple entities.

MAGIQ Enterprise is used for General Ledger Debtors and Creditors invoicing and MAGIQ Performance’s API to provide real-time data and visualisations to their multiple clients via a customer portal.

The Benefits

MAGIQ Software allows Education Services to run a multi-entity creditors system so they can pay invoices on behalf of all 700+ clients. Reports can be completed out of Creditors based on individual entities even though the creditors are receiving one direct credit.

Users can view financial data based on their role, to deliver rich insights and understanding of their budgetary data.


Craig Anderson, Chief Information Officer:

Customers love the client portal. It has something for everyone – from the high-level Board Trustee of the school who is shown the school’s performance against budget to the Principal of the school who needs to drill down into more detail to see individual budget lines to the Office Manager who needs to drill down to see the transaction detail.”

Download the Case Study here.


About MAGIQ Software

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