MAGIQ Platform Integration

Data Connectors

MAGIQ Performance

Underlying the MAGIQ Performance Suite is the innovative MAGIQ Data Platform delivering a single, best-practice environment across an extensive range of third-party business systems and makes it very easy to quickly add and report across additional data sources.

With the Data Platform we have developed a repository of pre-built Standard Connectors, by module, across each of the common business systems used by our customers. The Standard Connectors drive the ETL process that brings your data into the Data Platform, establishing a standard set of underlying Data Tables.

MAGIQ Documents

ERP systems generate documents that are often saved to a unsecured network folder locations, such as invoices, building permits and property certificate.

As part of a customer's record keeping obligation MAGIQ Documents can capture these documents by connecting to the enterprise system and processing documents with their meta data into MAGIQ.

The MAGIQ Enterprise Connector module is developed using a flexible framework so that it can be used for integration to a wide range of enterprise systems.

The MAGIQ Documents Enterprise Connector module features the following functionality for capturing documents:

- Connect to ERP web service or database

- Identify all new documents and meta data in the ERP

- Capture all new documents and meta data flagged as new documents upload to a corresponding folder within MAGIQ Documents based on content type matching rules

- Exception function to upload documents without a corresponding MAGIQ Documents folder to a Pending folder

- Task Scheduler to enable check for new documents based on 15 minute, hourly, daily or weekly basis