The City of Melton is a young, growing municipality in the north west of Victoria.

For over 10 years approximately 300 Council staff have been using the MAGIQ Performance financial budgeting, reporting and forecasting tool to manage Council’s impressive operating budget of three and a half billion dollars.

The Challenge

The City of Melton is due to grow to half a million people by 2050. A large capital works program of more than 100 million dollars has been allocated to develop the infrastructure to support future growth.

The Solution

Council implemented the MAGIQ Capital Budgeting module to manage their capital works budget and create accountability and measurability around their infrastructure investment projects.

The Benefits

MAGIQ Capital Budgeting will allow Council’s staff to collaborate and be transparent in the budgeting and planning process. Staff can add commentary and forecasts in capital expenditure budgets which can be reviewed by others for approval.

Sam Rumoro, Manager Finance:

”We use MAGIQ Performance Budgeting and Reporting to manage and report on our operating budget. The product works well, so we decided to purchase the Capital Budgeting Module to manage the capital expenditure budget to forecast those costs, especially around multi-part projects.

MAGIQ Capital Budgeting will help us tighten the budget and provide visibility around our project spend, especially multi-year projects and make it easier for managers and coordinators to forecast, plan and report on the data.”


Download the Case Study here.


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