Xavier College first opened in 1878 and is an Independent Catholic school in the Jesuit tradition, with a long and successful history as an Australian educational institution. The College educates more than 2000 students across three campuses and employs more than 700 staff.

The Challenge

Xavier College was seeking to improve business efficiency and staff productivity by streamlining the budgeting process and empowering staff with access to accurate and consistent budgetary data. The College also required a highly flexible reporting framework to effectively meet the needs of its internal and external stakeholders.

The Solution

The College implemented the MAGIQ Performance Suite to deliver more efficient budgeting and reporting processes. The easy to use, highly intuitive software has delivered significant time-savings and each Department Head now has access to rich, historical and contextual data to help them make better, more informed business decisions.

The Benefit

The College has significantly improved the overall quality of its budgeting process and delivered a 50% time saving by reducing the time taken to gather and reconcile the budgetary data. This has allowed more time to be spent on high-value analysis and strategic and planning activity, ensuring a consistent and accurate forward view of the College’s income and expenditure. All stakeholder reporting requirements are now met in a timely and accurate manner, with MAGIQ delivering a highly agile and flexible reporting framework for the College.

Richard Coker, Finance Manager, Xavier College:

MAGIQ provides us with a very agile and highly transparent budgeting, reporting and analytics framework. We can accurately pinpoint the connections between the various operational metrics of the College and the financial outcomes, which is critical to delivering the very high quality of educational programs the College is renowned for.