The South Waikato District lies at the heart of the North Island of New Zealand.  The District has a world-class dairy industry and Tokoroa is the hub of New Zealand’s massive forestry, timber, pulp and paper industries. The region abounds with scenic and tourist attractions and offers excellent boating, water skiing, and trout fishing from its well-stocked lakes and rivers. It also has great walking and mountain biking tracks.

The Challenge

The lack of a co-ordinated approach to prioritising, authorising, managing and reporting on projects meant some projects were under-resourced, while others were undertaken that were not necessarily in line with the organisation’s strategic goals.

The Solution

The MAGIQ Strategic Planning software has been implemented in conjunction with Council’s MAGIQ Cloud finance and business systems to provide far greater manageability and visibility over projects and ensure they are fully aligned with the organisation’s strategic goals.

The Benefit

MAGIQ Strategic Planning is providing a single place to consistently review, manage and track projects and is delivering visibility over capital expenditure requirements, financial planning, and risk management factors. Each project can be properly evaluated and measured against KPIs to deliver effective management of business risk and resources.

Ben Smit, Deputy Chief Executive:

MAGIQ Strategic Planning is helping us create a very disciplined structure and process in the way that we as an organisation manage our projects

Download the Case Study here.