The Shire of Quilpie is a small, remote Council located around 950 km west of Brisbane. The primary industry within the Shire is sheep and cattle grazing.  The shire also has a long history of Opal mining and is home to “The Jewel of the Outback” the exquisite Boulder Opal.

The Challenge

Quilpie Shire was seeking to implement an easy to use document management system to ensure optimum capture of all emails, documents and records across Council in order to meet its records management compliance requirements.

The Solution

Quilpie implemented MAGIQ Documents, the web-based suite of electronic document and records management software, which is ideal for smaller organisations, being easy to implement and use.

The Benefit

Council has achieved a significant improvement in the capture of its corporate information and is fully meeting its record compliance requirements. The ease of use of the software has ensured excellent staff take-up and utilisation and all Council information is now securely stored in a single, central place.

Dave Burges, Chief Executive Officer:

I use MAGIQ Documents everyday; it’s always open on my desktop and my emails, documents and tasks are all stored and assigned in the system… we’ve seen a tenfold improvement in our records and document capture.

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