The City of Gold Coast is located in south eastern Queensland and is the sixth largest and one of the fastest growing cities in Australia. Council’s staff of 3,282 delivers a diverse range of services to a community of more than 537,000 people.

The Challenge

The City of Gold Coast was seeking to replace its existing manual, spreadsheet-based long term planning processes to improve the overall efficiency of the planning process and to deliver high quality, accurate data to support Council’s decision-making.

The Solution

The City of Gold Coast has chosen to replace its existing spread-sheet based long term planning model with MAGIQ Financial Planning. Council’s existing MAGIQ Budgeting application is fully integrated with the MAGIQ Financial Planning application, which means that the budgetary data is automatically populated within the Long Term Plan model eliminating manual re-entry and processing of data.

The Benefit

The City of Gold Coast is working towards reducing the current quarterly Long Term Plan ‘recycle’ time of one day to less than an hour to deliver a significant timesaving and improvement in business efficiency. Council has chosen to invest the required amount of time and resources to build its long term planning model in order to achieve greater accuracy and transparency of the business data in the long-term.

Steven Corbett, Financial Planning and Business Improvement Accountant:

I’m confident that using MAGIQ we can reduce the time to ‘recycle ‘ the Long Term Plan and deliver the key reports to less than an hour and that’s a pretty significant business improvement.

Download the Case Study here.