Broome is located in the south-west Kimberley in the far north of Western Australia. Primarily recognised as a pearling and tourist town, Broome also acts as a hub for the delivery of services to the pastoral industry, and more recently the expanding oil and gas sector. The region has experienced rapid and continued growth over the last decade to become one of the fastest growing towns in the State.

The Challenge

Manual spreadsheet based processes had over time become very labour intensive and overall confidence in the integrity of the data was diminishing. Providing managers with accurate, up to date financial information had also become increasingly difficult and time-consuming.

The Solution

MAGIQ Performance has been implemented across the Shire of Broome’s core business system, the IT Vision Synergy application, to provide a highly accessible and easy to use framework for budgeting and reporting.

The Benefit

MAGIQ has provided the Finance team with significantly more time to thoroughly analyse the budget ensuring better quality control and accuracy around the data. The ability to provide managers with easy and flexible access to reporting improves overall transparency of business information and saves the Finance team considerable time by eliminating ad-hoc reporting requests.

Lachlan Dodds, Senior Finance Officer, Shire of Broome:

Usually we are running against the clock to complete the budgetary process; MAGIQ has provided us with the time to thoroughly analyse the budget and that means much better quality control and accuracy around the data.

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