MAGIQ Platform Integration

Application Connectors

MAGIQ Performance

Our Application Connectors extend the capability of MAGIQ Performance by embedding live data analytics and reports natively within third-party systems.

Available connectors include:

- Publisher for Microsoft Word and Excel

Build and publish organisational reports and documents easily, efficiently and natively within Microsoft Word and Excel and select various data and reporting components from the embeded MAGIQ panel.

- MAGIQ Excel
Reports are built using full MAGIQ Performance functionality (layers, filters, fields, etc.), combined with the native capabilities of the MS Excel application.

The Designer enables reports to be built using simple ‘drag and drop’ of the required data and then applying familiar Excel functions to complete formatting.

MAGIQ Documents

Our Application Connectors provide “out of the box” connectivity and interoperability between MAGIQ Documents and a range of third-party systems.

Available connectors include:

- Connectors for Microsoft 365

Embedded add-ins for the desktop versions of Word, Excel and Outlook that enable you to create and collaborate on documents and spreadsheets within the Office app, as well as drag and drop emails directly from Outlook.

- Connectors for Google Workspace

Enables direct connectivity into Google Drive and Google Gmail for and capture and archive of corporate information from Google Workspace.

- Launch Manager

Launch third party applications to display a linked record to the selected document.

For example: select a document and navigate to the source transaction within the linked third party ERP system.

- Document and Folder Links

Open documents and folders from linked third party application using URL and meta data parameter links.

MAGIQ Publisher