MAGIQ Platform Integration

API for MAGIQ Performance

MAGIQ Performance delivers a comprehensive API, which allows your reports and screens to be embedded and consumed within other web-based 3rd party applications.

For example:

  • Staff Intranets
  • SharePoint
  • Portals
  • Public facing websites
  • Other web-based systems

The API Integration enables you to extend the reach of your business information and share reports and dashboards with your stakeholders (staff, contractors, suppliers orcustomers) within easily accessible locations they are already familiar with.

Screens and Reports are created within the MAGIQ Performance web client and set to public to make available to the API. Screens can include Grids, Charts and Gauges. The API screenviewer provides drill down functionality, export to Excel, send to report and displays real-time information.


Use API to Display List of Public Screens

Use api/v1/screens/getpublicscreens to get a list of all of the saved reports that have been made available to the API.

MAGIQ Performance API


Making a Screen Available to the API

Screens are constructed within the MAGIQ Performance web client with the desired formatting, layout, widgets and filters. You then save the screen and enable the Public API property.

MAGIQ Performance API


Display Screen from API

Using the URL returned by the API you can display or the screen in a browser, iframe or third party application:

MAGIQ Performance API

There are additional parameters you can set in the viewer URL to control the current year, period and whether the user can edit the screen. For example: https://MAGIQServer/Screen/Viewer/216/?Year=2016&Period=1&Edit=1

Documentation: Complete List of API Functions

For a complete list of API functions and documentation login to the MAGIQ Software Online Service Desk and follow this link:


MAGIQ Performance API