Solomon Islands Water Authority (Solomon Water) has chosen to implement the MAGIQ Enterprise Platform from MAGIQ Software following an international competitive bidding process. Solomon Water is seeking to achieve improved business processes and efficiency by adopting best practice technology and deeply integrated business systems.

The Solomon Islands is an archipelagic state situated in the south-west Pacific Ocean, approximately 2,000 kms to the north-east of Australia and is made up of 992 islands.

Solomon Water has its head office in Honiara, the capital city and main commercial centre of the Solomon Islands.  It is a state-owned enterprise wholly owned by the Government of Solomon Islands and provides water and wastewater services to Honiara and some provincial towns.

The Authority is an important organisation within the Solomon Islands community, employing 135 staff and providing services to more than 108,000 people across Honiara and the provincial centres of Auki, Noro and Tulagi.

MAGIQ Enterprise is a platform of fully web based, deeply integrated finance and administrative software suites. Designed to help Public Sector service agencies efficiently administer their business activities, the Platform features comprehensive Finance, Strategic Financial Management, HR & Payroll, Service Management, Property & Regulatory, Document Management, Mobile and e-Services systems.

Solomon Water has completed a significant business recovery process over the past four years to ensure its long-term financial sustainability.  Having now achieved a sound financial position, the Authority has chosen to replace its existing finance systems with MAGIQ Enterprise to achieve its vision of a single platform of deeply integrated systems across the entire organisation. 


Debbie Johnsen, Finance and Administration Manager, Solomon Water says the new systems will enable Solomon Water to implement best practice financial and administrative processes and significantly improve the quality and transparency of information across the organisation.

“MAGIQ Enterprise will deliver a full end-to-end finance system from procurement right through to payment, which will deliver enormous time-savings and improvements to our business,” said Debbie.

Debbie pointed to the current inventory management process as an example, which can take up to three weeks to deliver information on stock levels.

“At the moment managing our stock levels is a nightmare,” she said. “We just don’t have access to accurate information, which means that sometimes we are making decisions based on what we ‘think’ is correct as opposed to what we ‘know is correct’. “

“With MAGIQ we will have far greater visibility over our inventory and stock levels – which means we can be a lot more pro-active.  We can forward plan for events in a much more efficient and thoughtful way, as well as managing our expenditure more effectively.”

Debbie commented that she believes the reporting capabilities of MAGIQ are a major strength and will dramatically improve the visibility of the information needed to support decision-making, as well as improving overall accountability across the business.

“MAGIQ Reporting is really simple to use and it’s dynamic; we will be able to report across all of our business systems – using a single, easy to use reporting engine. That’s a really powerful, fantastic improvement, which will provide a much broader and more accurate view of our business,” said Debbie.


One of Solomon Water’s key criteria in selecting a business partner was demonstrated experience and ability to support and work effectively with organisations in the South Pacific.

The Islands’ remote location underpins a variety of issues including communication speeds and availability, specific technical requirements and also staffing constraints.

Solomon Water has used the MAGIQ Billing system to manage its customer billing and revenue for more than 20 years and according to Debbie there is a high level of confidence in the MAGIQ teams ability to work effectively with staff at Solomon Water to achieve the required business outcomes.

“We have a long-term business relationship with the team at MAGIQ and we have great confidence in their ability to provide the level of service and support we need. It’s a very positive relationship; they are always happy to listen to our challenges and are receptive to our requests and ideas,” said Debbie.

“We’re very impressed by the capabilities of the MAGIQ Enterprise software, it’s very comprehensive, yet it’s not overly complex.  And the really user-friendly interface will definitely help with staff take-up. This is a big step for Solomon Water and like any system implementation it won’t be without its challenges,” said Ian Gooden, General Manager Solomon Water.

“However we feel really comfortable with the team at MAGIQ, they have a great rapport with our staff and we’re confident MAGIQ Enterprise will meet our business needs. We’re all very excited to be undertaking this project.”