Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network (Eastern Melbourne PHN) has implemented the MAGIQ Performance Suite to meet its financial and labour reporting and budgetary requirements.

Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network LogoEastern Melbourne PHN is a Primary Health Network funded by the Australian Government to improve the provision and accessibility of health services to its local community. The organisation is focused on partnering with health professionals, consumers and carers to support the delivery of high-quality, innovative healthcare services to almost 1.5 million people across east and north-east Melbourne.

Priority areas include chronic disease, mental health, alcohol and other drugs, digital health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, immunisation and general practice support.

MAGIQ Performance is a suite of native Cloud budgeting, reporting and planning software designed to help manage complex organisational budgetary and financial plans.  Sophisticated reporting and analytics capabilities are provided to meet financial, operational and regulatory reporting requirements.

Eastern Melbourne PHN has implemented MAGIQ Performance across its Attaché finance systems to deliver significant improvements to its budgetary and reporting processes. The organisation has adopted a ‘Cloud First’ business systems strategy.  James Scott, Executive Director Strategic Operations, Eastern Melbourne PHN says taking a Cloud approach delivers a much more efficient outcome for the organisation.

“We’re not in the IT business; we don’t have the skills, time or resources to worry about servers and systems administration. By partnering with MAGIQ Software we have been able to effectively reduce our business systems complexity with a single trusted vendor taking care of the software and its delivery,” said James.

Improved Reporting & Budgeting Capabilities

The initial driver for implementing MAGIQ Performance was the decision to replace a series of manual Excel spreadsheets.

“Previously we were relying on spreadsheets to meet our Management and Board reporting requirements, however increasingly our reporting timeframes were being compromised. We also had concerns about the overall accuracy and security of the data, which meant there was a level of business risk,” said James.

By automating our reporting processes using MAGIQ Performance we have significantly reduced the time spent on low-value, manual effort. We have a small Finance team and it’s great to be able to apply their talents to the much higher-value tasks of analysis and supporting our management team,” he said.

James believes the powerful flexibility of MAGIQ Performance is one of its greatest strengths.

“MAGIQ gives us the ability to easily view and interrogate our financial and labour data by cost centre or manager for example, and we can drill right down to the individual transaction level. We also have the option to view our data within the context of our Organisation structure or within the context of the Federal Government Funding structure.

That kind of flexibility is really powerful for analysing and sharing insights across the organisation.”

Having now completed the 2019/2020 budgetary cycle using MAGIQ Performance, James is keen to look at introducing forecasting and extending reporting across the organisation.

“We have a significant requirement for regulatory reporting, which is quite onerous and very time-consuming. I’m keen to look at building standard reports using MAGIQ, which can then be simply published at the push of a button. This will add significant value to our organisation,” he said.

James commented that the experience working with the MAGIQ Software team has been very positive.

“Nick Parnham and his team have been very supportive with quick turn-around on any issues.

We like to work with organisations that understand how a partnership should work; with both parties investing in shared knowledge and commitment to the project. MAGIQ Software has proven to be a great partner and we’re looking forward to continuing to develop our business relationship.”