City of Whittlesea achieves single, unified reporting environment with MAGIQ

City of Whittlesea achieves single, unified reporting environment with MAGIQ

The City of Whittlesea in Melbourne has invested in the MAGIQ Performance Suite to deliver on the strategic goal of implementing a single enterprise wide reporting solution.

The City of Whittlesea is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Australia, with the current population of 194,000 residents forecasted to grow to more than 333,000 over the next 20 years.

The City is also one of the largest municipalities in metropolitan Melbourne, covering an area of approximately 489 square kilometers.

MAGIQ Performance is a powerful and flexible suite of Budgeting, Financial & Strategic Planning, Regulatory and Operational Reporting software. The City of Whittlesea currently use MAGIQ to report across more than 40 organisational datasets, with 250 staff using the software daily.

MAGIQ delivers a single version of the truth to achieve time-savings and cost efficiencies 

MAGIQ Performance sits across the City of Whittlesea’s core business system, the Civica Authority application, to provide a single, unified reporting environment. Council has also achieved significant improvements in efficiency and data consistency by replacing a number of spreadsheet-based, departmental reporting processes with MAGIQ Performance.

City of Whittlesea LogoAccording to Emily Phillips, Strategy and Systems Accountant, City of Whittlesea the key business driver has been to achieve a single version of the truth across the organisation.

“With MAGIQ implemented across the entire organisation, we can be very confident that we are basing our business decisions on a single, accurate source of the truth,” said Emily.

“By ensuring the quality and accuracy of the data, we are empowering managers to make highly informed decisions, which improves overall business efficiency, as well as reducing our business risk.”

Emily is able to cite a number of examples where MAGIQ has enabled Council to achieve significant time-savings and cost efficiencies. Greater transparency around the organisation’s utility billing arrangements and expenditure is one recent example that has saved Council a considerable portion of its overall budget.

“Given the size and geographical spread of the City, our expenditure on utilities such as water, electricity and telecommunications is quite significant,” she said.

“Using MAGIQ we have been able to much more accurately analyse our utility bills and by doing this we have delivered an annual cost saving of $315,000.”

With more than 1200 staff, labour costs are another significant area of expenditure for Council. Each operational manager has access to regular, highly accurate reporting on their labour costs, which means they can carefully consider and manage costs to fully optimise their labour budgets.

Business rules relating to salaries are also stored centrally within the system which means managers can be confident they are working with the most current data and ensuring consistency and accuracy.

“This financial year we achieved a result of within 1% of budget for labour costs, which is a direct result of the data quality and transparency MAGIQ provides to our line managers,” said Emily.

Replacing a manual spreadsheet based system to comply with reporting requirements for Fees and Charges has also delivered significant productivity improvements across Council.

“We’ve implemented an automated process to report on Fees and Charges using MAGIQ,” said Emily. “Managers can now much more easily maintain and analyse their year on year data and the system also automatically updates the income accounts within the General Ledger.”

“We estimate we’re saving around 2-3 weeks of staff time by completing this process in MAGIQ, which is an excellent productivity improvement.”

Progressive implementation achieves optimum utilisation and take-up

Emily recommends undertaking a progressive implementation to ensure optimum take-up and buy-in across the organisation.

“Our strategy was to incrementally introduce the system, focussing initially on the financial aspects of the business before moving on to the various operational areas.”

Council has adopted a pro-active approach to the distribution of reporting information across the organisation by creating a central Portal that is accessible by all staff.

“Effectively we are making high quality information available across the organisation; the data is always available in real-time and that means greater transparency and far better support for management decision-making.”

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