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Simplify and automate your budgeting and forecasting process and enjoy spending less time on data collection, and more time on higher value analysis to support informed decision making.

Confidently share budgetary data and engage with your budget owners to achieve greater transparency and ownership.

  • Trust
    the Data
    Eliminating multiple, complex spreadsheets removes the risk associated with version control and data accuracy.
  • Encourage ParticipationAn intuitive, easy to use and learn interface supports managers across your organisation to review and input their budgetary data eliminating time-consuming data re-entry.
  • Achieve AccountabilityEmpowering managers to participate and fully understand the impact of their business decisions within a financial context delivers improved transparency and accountability.
  • Improve Data IntegrityEliminate emails and multiple spreadsheet versions providing everyone with confidence in the accuracy of the numbers.
  • Centralised & OrganisedCentrally manage and apply business rules and assumptions, saving time and significantly improving data integrity.
  • Fast and
    Quickly construct and generate multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios and funding streams in real-time and and view impact on Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Management Reporting.

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