We understand every market sector has a very specific set of business needs. With this in mind, the MAGIQ Enterprise Platform has been designed with a high level of flexibility and scalability to deliver functionally rich, contemporary software applications to fully meet business, legislative and industry requirements.


Local Government

Local Government

More than 290 Councils worldwide are using MAGIQ every day. Built upon more than 30 years of local government industry experience and knowledge, the MAGIQ Enterprise Platform has been designed to effectively meet the diverse finance and administration, and community engagement needs of Councils.


Health Care

Health & Community

More than 100 Health and Community organisations are using MAGIQ to efficiently meet their strategic financial management requirements. Significant time and cost savings are being achieved with the automation of budgetary, reporting and planning processes, while greater data transparency supports improved business decision-making.

Utilities and Infrastructure

Utilities & Industries

Public utility and industry organisations worldwide are using MAGIQ to meet their finance and administration requirements. The MAGIQ Enterprise Plaform delivers highly flexible billing and financial management capabilities to efficiently achieve operational and strategic business requirements.





The MAGIQ Enterprise Platform delivers sophisticated strategic financial management systems for the private and public primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors.
Using MAGIQ, educational organisations can easily meet their strict fiscal management and cash flow requirements.



Government Departments worldwide are relying on MAGIQ to meet their statutory and legislative strategic financial management requirements. Highly transparent access to business data assists government organisations to comply with the relevant operational, governance and strategic requirements.

Not for Profit

Not For Profit

With limited access to resources, not for profit businesses require highly cost-effective, easy to use business systems. Large and small charity organisations and volunteer based businesses are using MAGIQ to achieve this goal and improve the accuracy and transparency of their business information.