Records & Compliance

MAGIQ Records & Compliance delivers a single, centralised eDRMS document repository to effectively streamline the capture, classification, retention, disposition and management of your critical business records and documents and ensure full compliance with statutory, legal and record keeping regulations.


MAGIQ Records & Compliance captures all types of records including text, emails, photos, video, audio or scanned images and documents.


Full Compliance

Enjoy complete confidence in your compliance with all statutory, legal and record keeping mandates

Highly Secure

Safe and secure storage of your document repository with library, folder and document based security in place to fully protect your documents

Fully Integrated eDRMS

Sophisticated integration to your business systems of choice delivers a seamless, and efficient user experience

Easy Audit

MAGIQ Records & Compliance provides extensive audit facilities including complete record view and change history

Fully Automated

Easily manage and control the entire lifecycle of your business records with fully automated retention, archiving and disposal

Visual Reporting

Highly graphical, visual reporting delivers easy to consume, visual information for analysis and review of your document repository


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