MAGIQ Software has established strategic business partnerships with other best in class software and IT vendors to ensure we can deliver new software and technology to our customers as quickly and effectively as possible, while still providing the convenience of dealing with a single, trusted supplier.

Customers are able to access first-line local support and we fully leverage the skills and experience of our business partners to deliver a high quality implementation and customer service experience.

MAGIQ Software continues to invest in the development of significant integration between MAGIQ and our business partner applications to deliver a seamless user experience.







Assetic is a market leading Australian software and services provider with a successful track record of providing asset management software and services. The Assetic Strategic Asset Management framework is used by more than 110 organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand.









CorpMem Business Solutions is an Australian business providing an extensive range of consulting and business services focused on the efficient management of an organisations corporate knowledge base. Focusing on the local government sector, CorpMem work with Councils to help them effectively achieve document and records management compliance.


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Secured Signing is a New Zealand and Australian based business formed in 2008. The Company provides a comprehensive and secure SaaS digital signature service that delivers a full range of form completion and signing capabilities that combine advanced user-based PKI technology with an easy-to-use, simple-to-deploy, compliant solution.







AIMediaComms is a market leading provider of software to manage stakeholder engagements and media interactions. More than 320 organisations throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand in both the private and public sector are using the Vuelio software.

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