Case Study: The King’s School and MAGIQ Performance


The King’s School is an independent Christian day and boarding school located in North Parramatta. It is Australia’s oldest independent school and has around 1500 students including more than 430 boarders, making it Australia’s largest boarding school.  The King’s School teaching resources, particularly in the area of boys’ education; boarding and the development of leadership skills, are used by educational institutions around the world.

The Challenge

The process of gathering the required budgetary data from the 70+ budget holders and entering the data into spreadsheets had become increasingly time and labour intensive. This was negatively impacting the finance teams ability to spend the appropriate time collaborating with budget holders and analysing the data to ensure the overall quality of the budgetary process and information.

The Solution

The King’s School has implemented the MAGIQ Performance suite of Strategic Financial Management software across its core business system to meet its budgetary and planning requirements.

The Benefit

The implementation of MAGIQ Performance has delivered significant improvements in business efficiency, as well as providing the schools 70+ budget holders with far greater visibility and understanding of their budgets.


Jenny Tan, Accounting Manager:

With MAGIQ our budget holders enter their budgetary data directly into the system. They can easily review year on year data, and they can look at each budget item right down to the transaction detail, which means they have far greater ownership and understanding of their budgets.


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